Safe Harbor Tang Soo Do


Announcement Class will be at our Beverly Studio for the Summer.



Brian Bouchard

Grandmaster Brian Bouchard, 8th Dan, has been practicing Tang Soo Do since 1979.  He began studying the Korean fighting practice with Grandmaster Victoria DeMarco, the founder of the Safe Harbor Tang Soo Do, Under the guidance of Grandmaster Richard Byrne of the (ATA), which is recognized as the oldest, continually-running Tang Soo Do association in the United States.

     In 2019, Kwan Jang Nim Bouchard took over as the leader of Safe Harbor Tang Soo Do after Grandmaster DeMarco retired. He continuing on building connections with other Tang Soo Do practitioners throughout the United States while continuing to innovate and grow our fighting art and Safe Harbor.

     Grandmaster Bouchard has not only studied Tang Soo Do with Grandmaster DeMarco over the years, but also with other great Tang Soo Do masters, including Grandmaster Byrne, Grandmaster Dominic Giacobbe, Grandmaster Klingon, Grandmaster CS Kim, and Grandmaster Robert Beaudoin.  In an effort to expand his martial arts experience, GM Bouchard has attended many seminars, including those taught by Grandmaster Bill (Superfoot) Wallace (Bill Wallace fighting system), Grandmaster Joe Lewis (Joe Lewis fighting system), and Professor David Castoldi (Small Circle Jiujitsu).


Grandmaster Bouchard has excelled in competition throughout the Northeast and holds numerous Grand Championship titles in sparring, board breaking, and forms.Grandmaster Bouchard continues to work on fostering connections between Tang Soo Do practitioners around the world to develop and grow the art he loves and help others do the same.