Safe Harbor Tang Soo Do


Announcement Class will be at our Beverly Studio for the Summer.

Where it all started

When I was 14 and living in Salem, MA, I attended a boys club that offered everything from Basketball interleague, Pool tables, Counseling, Judo, and other activities for young teens. That is where I met two counselors that went to karate class three times a week in Marblehead called Tang Soo Do. I said I had never heard of this type of karate. Back then, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris were the household names. I didn't know that Chuck Norris's martial art style was Tang Soo Do, from Korea "Soo Bahk Do / Moo Duk Kwan" They invited me to try Tang Soo Do out, and after 44 years, I haven't looked back.


We are trying to hold on to our traditional art of Tang Soo do. Tang Soo Do training well helps with self-defense, self-discipline, self-confidence, physical fitness, and stress management. We infuse modern martial art training into every class. In today's world, we must adapt our training to handle what life may give us daily. We must adapt, learn, and be willing to change and advance our training accordingly.