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Announcement Class will be at our Beverly Studio for the Summer.

61184th Dan Master to 5th Dan Master Requirements4th Dan Master to 5th Dan Master Requirements2023/07/26Download
61123rd Dan to 4th Dan Master Requirements3rd Dan to 4th Dan Master Requirements2023/07/26Download
61032nd Dan to 3rd Dan Requirements2nd Dan to 3rd Dan Requirements2023/07/26Download
61041st Dan to 2nd Dan Requirements1st Dan to 2nd Dan Requirements2023/07/26Download
60881st Red Gup to 1st Dan Requirements1st Red Gup to 1st Dan Requirements2023/07/26Download
60812nd Gup to 1st Requirements2nd Gup to 1st Requirements2023/07/26Download
60773rd Gup to 2nd Requirements3rd Gup to 2nd Requirements2023/07/26Download
60744th Gup to 3rd Requirements4th Gup to 3th Requirements2023/07/26Download
60555th Gup to 4th Requirements5th Gup to 4th Requirements2023/07/26Download
60546th Gup to 5th Requirements6th Gup to 5th Requirements2023/07/26Download
60527th Gup to 6th Requirements7th Gup to 6th Requirements2023/07/26Download
59938th Gup to 7th Requirements8th Gup to 7th Requirements2023/07/19Download
59839th Gup to 8th Requirements9th Gup to 8th Requirements2023/07/19Download
598110 Gup to 9th Requirements10 Gup to 9th Requirements2023/07/19Download