• Tang Soo DO

  • The mental aspects of training emphasized are (Discipline, Respect, Concentration, Cooperation, and Control). Included with the mental aspects is the development of physical training areas (Self-Defense, Artistic Forms, Competitive Point-Sparring, and Dynamic Board-Breaking).

    At Safe Harbor Tang Soo Do Martial Arts, we put twice the emphasis on the "ART", and although we observe many time-honored traditions, we are constantly looking to create new and positive ones by providing an atmosphere of Safety, Tolerance, Humor and Mutual Respect.

    Over a period of time, training can qualify the student to test for various belt levels, and to progress in rank in the martial arts, as well as to and receive certification and recognition before a qualified board of Black Belt instructors.

    For the students who wish to compete, there are several safe, approved tournaments available throughout the year, as well as the opportunity to perform in demonstrations and to coach others.

    In addition to the training sessions, Safe Harbor conducts other clinics and enjoyable social events.